About Us

The Zionist Freedom Alliance (ZFA) is a grassroots campus initiative and the only student organization asserting Israel’s national rights.

ZFA at the University of Albany educates the student public to the legal, moral and historic rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel (the territory between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea). We assert that the Jewish people are a Middle Eastern people and that Zionism is our national liberation movement.

ZFA participates in the struggle for Israel’s freedom through public education, leadership training, experiential programs, special events, community involvement and protest campaigns.

A Fresh Perspective on US Foreign Aid

United States foreign aid is not only immoral, as it involves the forced transfer of wealth, but it is also counterproductive. Foreign aid has been a disaster in many countries, delaying sound economic reforms and encouraging wastefulness and statism. And since US foreign aid has to be spent on products made by American corporations, it is really just a form of corporate welfare.

Only people with a superficial attachment to the State of Israel could defend a situation where she continues to rely on over $2 billion in American aid each year. A true supporter of the Jewish state would want the US to extend the same honest friendship to Israel that Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers urged Americans to offer all nations. True friendship does not include foreign aid – not to Israel nor to her potential enemies in the Middle East (which taken together receive significantly more money from the US than Israel). Giving money to both sides of the conflict has caused many Israelis to view the American government not as a friend but as a foreign power hypocritically hedging its bets in the region.

American foreign aid has also allowed the Israel Defense Forces to remain top-heavy with bureaucracy. Money from overseas has encouraged organizational indolence and prevented Israel’s military from making difficult adjustments that would make it more efficient.

In the absence of these grants, Israel would at last be under pressure to adopt a freer economy, thereby bringing about greater prosperity for her people and making it easier to become self-reliant. Foreign aid only inhibits such salutary reforms. In fact, the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies in Jerusalem argues that “foreign aid is the greatest obstacle to economic freedom in Israel.”

Foreign aid has also helped the US government to relentlessly infringe on Israel’s national sovereignty. Successive administrations have placed heavy pressure on Israel’s leadership to comply with America’s policy agenda for the Middle East – an agenda that often places Israel in positions of weakness vis-à-vis her neighbors. Using the aid as diplomatic leverage, American officials have succeeded in removing some Israeli leaders from power and pressuring others to forcibly expel citizens from their homes and shrink the country’s borders. In recent years, Israeli prime ministers have begun to view themselves not as the heads of an independent state but rather as vassal governors for a foreign power. Rather than act in the interest of their country, these leaders often seek American approval for necessary military actions and peace talks with neighboring states. This directly contradicts the essence of Zionism, which states that the Jewish people should be responsible for their own national destiny. American foreign aid has been one of the major factors in eroding Israel’s sovereignty in recent years and when the flow of aid is finally cut, the State of Israel will once again become an independent country and capable of securing the Jewish nation’s future.